How to Pick the Right Menstrual Cup for Your Body

There used to be just a few different menstrual cups to choose from but thankfully, times have changed. There are now many different kinds to choose from which is partially why they are becoming so popular. Everyone can find one that will work amazingly for her. Keep in mind thought that they really don’t vary that much so there’s no need to stress too much over this decision!




Age – A lot of the time it’s based off a factor as simple as age. This one is easy enough to determine for yourself!


Flow – Many women are under the impression that they bleed quite heavily, perhaps more than others. However, the average woman actually has a moderate flow. which is only about two tablespoons during your entire period! Regardless this is something to consider as many cups have different holding capacities. Having a heavy flow doesn’t mean that you can’t use a menstrual cup. The best menstrual cup for heavy flow is the Intimina Lily Cup. This holds up to 32 ml which is the most I have ever seen.


Diameter and Length – Usually women under thirty who have never had vaginal birth can go for a smaller size whereas women over this age or who have had vaginal birth may need something a bit bigger. However, all women are different so this is not a set in stone rule.


Height of your Cervix – Your cervix can be set higher or lower during menstruation and if you know this information, it can be useful when picking out a cup. If it’s hard to reach then you’ll be better off picking out a longer cup so that it is easier to take your menstrual cup in and out. For example, the Diva Cup is longer than others so this may be a good choice.


Firmness – This can depend on how sensitive your bladder is. If you have a very sensitive bladder then a softer cup is the way to go for you. Larger cups are the ones that tend to be a bit more firm so even if it doesn’t explicitly state how firm it is, you can make an educated guess based on the size.
Using these simple guidelines will make your purchasing process much easier. Some of my favorite brands in general are Diva Cup, FemmyCycle, Lunette, EvaCup, and the Sckoon Cup. Based alone on how many different brands and kinds there are should be a pretty big signal at how great menstrual cups are. People who use them usually become converts so allow yourself to do some research and find one that is right for you. This is definitely a bandwagon that you should be jumping on!

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