The Perfect Caribbean Getaway    


What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

Is it a vacation which is packed with activities, always being on the go and doing something different every day? Is it sitting on a beach and enjoying peace and serenity? Or, is it somewhere in the middle of both options?

Most people prefer to have a combination of action and relaxation, but if you’re looking to tailor-make your own personal perfect vacation, the Caribbean is certainly somewhere you should be aiming your attention towards.

How to visit the Caribbean is often the first thing on the mind of someone who is considering such a break, but there are many ways to enjoy this stunning archipelago of islands. Whether you choose to rent your own Caribbean beach house, or you decide to stay in a five star hotel, there are many options for visitors.

In terms of whether you need a visa in order to visit your perfect Caribbean island, this is something you need to do some research into ahead of time. It really depends on your country of origin as to what kind of visa, if any, you need, but you will certainly need six months’ validity remaining on your passport, after the day you leave to venture back home. Do your research before you book, to avoid time constraint disappointments.

With red tape and paperwork out of the way, you can then begin to look into which island you might like to visit. The best course of action here is to sit down with a cup of coffee and your laptop, perusing the images and information you will find plentifully online. Your mind will begin whirring with ideas and you will develop your own personal picture of paradise in your head.

Whilst all the islands are sun-drenched and ideal for beach time, certain islands are more well-known for certain activities than others. For instance, if you want to get out into nature, perhaps trek through a jungle, or zipline past lush tropical vegetation, then the Dominican Republic is the ideal destination for you. This is also somewhere which is packed with beach resorts and all inclusive hotels, so you have options in terms of your accommodation. Of course, if you do go down the line of your own personal beach hut, can you imagine the luxury and happiness of waking up to the impossible blue of the sea every single morning? Paradise with a capital P!

If it’s city life that you’re wanting to experience, combined with plentiful beach time, then the main, well-known islands all have big capital cities which will certainly show you the best of the culture and fun of that particular island. Everyone knows about the colour and musical fun of Jamaica, but the capital city of Kingston is certainly somewhere you should experience if you want to know more about the island and its background. In addition, how about the classic cars, cigars, and party atmosphere of Havana? This modern, bustling city has an olde-worlde twist which visitors love to experience time and time again. It’s not difficult to combine your city time with beach time, as most large resorts will have excursions heading out to big cities quite easily. These will usually include an overnight stay, but if you can, why not head off on your own steam and plan your own bespoke city and beach break? Go on, be an adventurer!

The Caribbean is obviously also known for being a top wedding and honeymoon destination. The memories made here will certainly last a lifetime, and the accompanying photographs will back up the images in your head for the rest of your days. Whilst the cost of getting married or honeymooning on a Caribbean island used to be stratospheric, these days it isn’t quite the case, and you can enjoy your time on your personal choice of island for much less than before. Of course, combining the cost of your wedding and honeymoon into one destination can often save you money too!

The big Caribbean islands are the ones which are most well-known, e.g. Barbados, Cuba, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Bahamas, and St Kitts & Nevis, but don’t allow your choice to be strictly dominated by the big-hitters. There are countless smaller islands which really do give you a true castaway experience, and these should be explored too, before you make your final decision.

Every single island has a plethora of stunning beaches, so if it really is all about beach time for you, then you are not going to be disappointed in the slightest! Antigua boasts 365 beaches across its coastline, so that is one for every single day of the year! Can you imagine spending a year checking out a new beach every day? Perhaps when you win the lottery, but for now, just checking out a couple of them will be enough to give you the perfect beach break. Of course, snorkelling, diving, swimming, general water-sports, scuba diving, the list goes on in terms of the water-based activities you can try on most islands.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re thinking the grey picture outside of your window is just not enough for you, perhaps it’s time you started dreaming of that perfect Caribbean break, and then work to make it a reality. This region is so much more accessible and cost-effective than it ever has been before, so now is the perfect time!

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