Save Cash, Travel Further!


Have you ever wondered how people manage to jet off on several holidays per year, when you struggle to find the cash to go on one? This is a quandary that many people mull over, but it really all comes down to knowing the tricks of the travel trade.

Of course, flights are the most expensive part of any getaway, and you can usually find cheap accommodation quite easily, if you shop around and look for offers, but flights? That can be a little more difficult if you don’t know where to look.

Firstly, we need to examine how you normally book your flights. Do you go straight to the airline website and book the flight from there as a return trip? If you’re nodding your head, that’s where you’re going wrong! Being a little flight savvy will save you cash on your next trip, and will allow you to head off on more than one getaway per year.

Let’s explore three ways you can keep some cash in your pocket.

Book Separate Flights

Rather than booking a return flight journey, it’s a good idea to do a split booking. This means booking your outward journey and then your inbound journey separately. You can mix and match these and use different airlines, and you could even look at flying to and from a different airport, if you can find deals to save you money. Also consider booking indirect flights if they work out a lot cheaper, and if the layover isn’t too long – it’s a good opportunity to get off and stretch your legs!

Use a Flight Comparison Site


All of the above can be tricky if you’re not used to looking that deeply into flight options, so a flight comparison site is a great option to use. Sites like Skyscanner mean that you can input your details and the best combination for your dates and requirements will come up. Of course, don’t be too rigid, and try doing the one way flight option first, and then looking for your inbound flight separately. By doing that, you can look for different airport options, and you can also look at which days are cheaper. Sometimes flying at weekends is more expensive than weekdays.

It’s a good idea to watch the flights on these sites, as prices will fluctuate. Don’t check too oftenhowever, as this will convert to interest and will actually put the price up!

Can You Travel With Hand Luggage Only?

Another trick with seasoned travellers tend to use is to only fly with hand luggage, and avoid checking in a suitcase. The cost of check in baggage can really increase the price of a journey, so instead look for airlines which give you a good amount of hand luggage, such as 10kg, and invest in a lightweight cabin case. If you’re ruthless with what you take, and you buy your toiletries at the airport, you can save major cash, and you don’t have to wait for a suitcase at the carousel when you land!

These are all ways you can save money on your flights, and put the extra towards another holiday later in the year!

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