What is Your Ideal Adventure?


We all crave action and adventure from time to time, and everyone’s idea of this is different. For some, adventure might be as simple as going to a new town for the day, but for others it could be something more adrenaline pumping. There is no right or wrong answer, action and adventure is a personal thing, a feeling, an experience that gets your own blood pumping, and something to make memories from.

What is your ideal adventure? What would you choose if you could do anything?

Would you head out and backpack across the globe? Would you go and volunteer somewhere in Africa? How about skydiving somewhere beautiful? Perhaps you want to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef? Trekking the Great Wall of China maybe? Have you ever considered heading to Africa on safari, or maybe into Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro?

These types of action and adventure activities and experiences are not out of reach, they are totally do-able, but they all require planning, cash, and a good standard of health and wellbeing.

Whatever adventure calls out to you, planning is everything.

For instance, if you’re going to go backpacking, then you need to plan your route, you need to think about passports requirements and visas, you need to research safety, you need to think about packing and how to carry your belongings. A trip such as this cannot simply be ‘winged!’ On the flipside, if you’re going to go on safari, you ned to think about health issues, such as vaccinations an possible anti-malaria medication before you go. If you’re going to climb Kilimanjaro you need to train beforehand, to make sure you’re at the right standard of fitness and wellbeing, and you need to plan your route and packing carefully.

The fun thing about any adventure isn’t just the actual doing part, it is the planning part, the part where you get excited about what you’re about to do.

Travel has changed so much over the years, and our eyes have been opened to experiences that we can have, which were once thought to be out of reach. Once upon a time, a package holiday to Spain was considered exotic, and whilst that is certainly a great thing to do, these days it is considered more routine. Instead, we’re heading off on trekking holidays, enjoying ecotourism, and climbing Machu Picchu! We think about visiting misty mountains in Thailand or Nepal and enjoying a yoga retreat, or we consider learning a new skill in a destination that is renowned for it.

Not only has the world opened up, but so have our adventurous minds.

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