What Happens to Your Facebook When You Die?


Almost everyone has Facebook these days and many people are on Facebook almost every day too. They store their pictures and life status updates on Facebook so they don’t get lost. If you have a Facebook account, have you even wondered what happens to your Facebook when you die? Well, there is actually a fairly new policy that Facebook has that you may want to know about.

What can happen after you have passed?

Did you know that in Facebook’s new policy you can pick a legacy contact? Well, you can and they can pin posts to the Timeline that you have even after you have passed away. They can put your announcement for your funeral on there. They can’t log into your account but if you get newer friend requests they can answer to those and they can change your profile picture too. They can even take your Facebook pictures and your posts and archive them too.

You see Facebook does care about their users even though there are sometimes complaints about the news feed on Facebook. Not every site can satisfy every single one of their users but they can do their best and that is just what Facebook is doing.

How do you choose a legacy contact?

Alright so you want to plan for your account after you have passed so you now want to choose a legacy contact. You will first need to go to the security sections and then choose legacy contact. This will allow you to choose any one of the friends that you have on Facebook. You can even send a message that you have already written that talks about the policy.

Choosing a legacy contact can be your choice. You get to be the one to pick out who will be able to get your feed and picture information from your account after you have passed away. You get to be the one who chooses someone to savor your memories that you have put onto Facebook during your amazing life. Your legacy contact choice is up to you.

Why was the legacy policy created?

There were families who submitted concerns to Facebook after their family member has passed away that they wanted to be able to keep the deceased pictures. Facebook realized that this was something great to do for their users so that is why the legacy policy was created. They created it to do more to support their users, especially those who were grieving.

There have been many people in the legislature who have questioned whether this type of access should be allowed or not. They question whether someone should be able to access your information after you have passed away. However, the thing is that it is up to you. If you choose not to let someone have access, then that is your choice. If you want to pick a legacy contact, then you can do that as well. Facebook really is going outside of the curve. The majority of well-known companies out there won’t let anyone access your account after you have passed away and many times they are just going to cancel your account within days after the notification that you have passed away.

Facebook has made this change and for now people are liking this. They get to keep and hold onto the pictures that their deceased loved one had posted. This gives them that connection to their family member or friend even after they have passed away. Will you choose to pick a legacy contact for your Facebook account?

Photo Credit: Thos Ballantyne

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