We’re Going Football Mad!


Whether you’re crazy about football, rugby, golf, baseball, hockey, tennis, or something else entirely, there’s no denying that the sporting world especially football is ever popular, and gaining popularity year upon year. Our weekends are spent checking scores, keeping our fingers crossed for the score we want to see, and in some cases putting on a little bet or having a flutter on the latest matches, to see if we can win extra cash in the process.

Do you go to major football events?

Many people used to but not so much anymore. Maybe this is because of the rising cost of expense to see your favourite football team, or heading to FIFA World Cup venues to see your country’s team representatives. Not all of us can afford those tickets, and a lot of the time they are like gold dust anyway. This is unpleasant because as an example, going to watch the football used to be a family orientated activity, something people used to do on a Saturday afternoon. Nowadays, the cost of taking a family of four to see a Premier League match in England is far too expensive, and probably equates to the same price as a weekend break away somewhere!

One of the major events that football fans from Europe are looking forward to seeing is UEFA Euro 2016 or commonly known as Euro 2016. This event will be held in France this coming June and ends on July. The host country is France this year with 10 cities for the venues of different matches. Consisting of 24 teams from different European countries. Obviously ticket prices are high and also depending on the stage of the matches – from opening match, group stage, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. Latter or the championship rounds are the highest prices, plus your plane ticket if you are coming from other country.

Thankfully, there are a few plans in place to keep costs lower in terms of going to watch events live, but until that comes into place, we have to rely a lot on TV coverage. Again, money comes into it here, because a lot of the big events are shown on pay TV, such as those large companies who you pay a subscription to per month to have access to the channels which show your favourite sports. This is still cheaper than going to the event yourself however!

There is also other option precisely – sports betting, if you don’t want to miss the excitement of football games like Euro 2016. Sports betting has exploded in recent years, probably due to the fact that we can now do it all over the internet, without having to leave the comfort of our houses. We can log on and sign up to online bookmakers’ websites and place our bets in our pyjamas if we want to. One of the most exciting stages of UEFA Euro games are the semi-finals aside from the final stage of course. This is the point where some of the teams can make it or break it. You will see a lot of tension and excitement during those games and it will be a tight race to win on semis. At some point, you might also ask yourself if which team is going to enter Euro 2016 semi finals? Bet with William Hill! Which is one of the major sports betting websites in Europe to support your favourite team.

However you choose to see or follow sports, and however you enjoy watching your favourite team, the football world is packed with opportunities for entertainment. Of course, you could up your fitness opportunities and play yourself.

Enjoy the football world and its many avenues for entertainment, and hey, perhaps have a little flutter yourself and maybe win big!

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