Touring the USA One State at a Time – The Pick 50 Grab


Every year when vacation time rolls around, it seems like a battle of the wits to decide on a destination. The thing to keep in mind is that not all companies offer vacation only in the summer because there are some months when it is so cold that business is down and as a result, the perfect time of year to let employees take their much needed breaks.

Even so, this shouldn’t interfere with vacation plans because literally every state in the union has places to go both summer and winter. The Pick 50 Grab is a fun way to see all 50 states, especially when driving! The one thing to be aware of, as recommended by personal injury attorney Robert Bohn, Jr. of Bohn & Fletcher Attorneys at Law, is to pay careful attention to road safety. Vacations are only as much fun as they are safe – so keep them that way!

What Is the Pick 50 Grab?

Have you ever taken part in a Christmas gift grab bag? This is where all the names of those participating put their names in a bag (usually a tin or box of some kind) and each person goes up in turns and draws a name. Sometimes this is called the ‘Secret Santa’ and other times simply a Christmas grab bag. Why not adapt this idea and put it to use for vacations?

Make up little cards with each state on them and put them all in a bag. Each year a different family member gets to draw from the bag and that’s where you’ll head out for vacations. Some years you may have two or three different times throughout the year to take week-long vacations and other times you may only have one long vacation. Even so, it’s fun to see where you will be going by leaving it up to chance!

When Driving Is the Best Option

Depending on how far you need to go and the length of time you have for your annual vacation, there may be times you get to drive which means you can take states out to visit along the way! For example, if you live in Washington State and someone reaches in and pulls Texas out of the bag, you just might want to head on down the 5 (Interstate 5 that is!) and over the 10 or 40 right on through to Texas. You will go through Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and on into Texas. Right there you have four other states you can stop briefly in to get a taste of a new state in which you’ve never been.

Upon returning home, pull those states out of the bag so that you don’t repeat your journey the following year/vacation. This way it won’t take you 50 years to visit each state and perhaps Hawaii might be the only state standing on its own unless you drive to one of the coastal states to catch a plane. Then those states could be lifted from the bag as well!

A Final Remark from Bohn & Fletcher – Above All Safety

Since the object of the Pick 50 grab reaches beyond just a vacation destination and is a great way to say you’ve seen all 50 states, the best way to experience them is obviously to take a road trip. Because of this, plan as much time as you can so that you really get to see things along the way and that you do have time to make some stops as you go through each state. Taking your time not only allows you to see more but it helps to ensure your safety as well.

Take frequent breaks and pull over when tired. Drowsy driving is the leading cause of long-haul trips so avoid accidents, see more and have fun all by taking your time.

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