The Perks of a Diploma of Community Services as your study course


The community services sector is expected to grow over the next five years, so it will be wise to take advantage of this opportunity and start your career in social and welfare professions with a Diploma of Community Services. All it takes is just a year of study and access to internet and email to finish this course. This put you one step closer to a career in community services such as family support, drug and alcohol control, mental health, homelessness, and domestic violence. Through this diploma, you will develop skills that could help you assist communities through a wide range of personal and social issues.

Not only would you be able to achieve what you are passionate about, you would also be able to help individuals, groups, or even a community and assist them in achieving their happiness, through helping them develop their skills to help themselves and their community in resolving problems.

Who is this Course for?

Anyone can take a course for a Diploma of Community Services, from school leavers to prospective Social Work students. Prospective Social Work students can try the course first before committing to a full-pledged degree, as this Diploma can get them a year off a regular Bachelor of Social Work degree. Even experienced community service workers or client services staff can take the course if they wish to develop or gain new skills. School leavers can also take this opportunity to learn while also earning at the same time.

How long does it take and what do I need?

Getting a Diploma of Community Services is quite simple, all you need is 12 months of full time study and an access to internet and email. A minimum of 200 hours of work industry placement is also required for this course.

What are the advantages of a Diploma of Community Services?

A Diploma of Community Services from a good online learning center offers:

  • Expert Trainers. Experienced social workers would help and guide you through the process. They would share their experiences and help you both develop your current skills and learn new ones along the way.
  • Dedicated Training Coordinators. A dedicated training coordinator will assist you in developing your skills through planning the different training sessions and activities required for your course. Through them, time management wouldn’t be a problem as they will help you make the most of your time during your study.
  • Online Tutorials and Study Workshops. Digital learning centers have plenty of online tutorials and workshops available for you to access anytime. This provides you flexibility not only on your time spent on classes, but also on where you take them. Through this, you can study in the comfort of your own home.
  • Mentor Program. A mentor will be matched to you to help and guide you in the process of achieving your goals as a social service worker.

Through this diploma, you’ll be given the opportunity working in the field you are most passionate about while also giving you the chance to help your community for the better.

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