The ‘Other’ Side of Amsterdam


When you first hit Google and search for the best things to see in a city or destination you’re heading to on your next travel adventure, you will no doubt see the mainstream sights pop up first. Now, you should certainly head to these, because they’re famous and first on that list for a reason, however every destination has its fair share of hidden gems, and on top of that, even seeing the main sights in a different way can yield fascinating results.

Amsterdam is a city which is known the world over for its canals, tulips, the Red Light District, and those slightly dodgy space cakes we hear so much about. Now, whilst that is all very well and good, Amsterdam also has many other sights which have to be seen to say you’ve truly experienced this wonderful Dutch city.

What is the single best way to experience a destination, no matter where in the world it is?

With the expert help of a local guide!

There are so many things to do in Amsterdam as it is a fantastic go-to for those who are seeking an enhanced travel experience, and there are countless experiences and guides awaiting you in Amsterdam itself. If you want to really immerse yourself in somewhere, and not just ‘see it’, then this is without a doubt the single best way to do it.

There are countless experiences on offer, such as a guided cycling tour perhaps. Amsterdam is famed for its cycling trails, and this is one of the best ways to actually get around the city too. Amsterdam is said to contain around 900,000 bicycles! Locals use cycling as an alternative to cars in many circumstances, making Amsterdam a very green city.

If that’s not for you, how about a personalised boat tour? We mentioned that Amsterdam is full of canals and picturesque bridges, and joining a local on a tour around these is a great way to see the city from a different viewpoint, whilst saving your feet at the same time!

Amsterdam is also known for its markets, and the Albert Cuyp Market is a must visit whenever and however you visit the city. Because of the size of the market, it can be a little overwhelming to the first time visitors, but if you visit with a local, you can not only find your way around much easier, using their expert knowledge as a guide, but you can find out a little about what is on sale at each of the stalls too, perhaps trying some new foodie delicacies to add to your tried and tested list. Amsterdam is known for its cuisine, and trying street food and home-cooked dishes should certainly be done. You can also visit a local’s home and enjoy a delicious homemade meal, which is the ideal way to not only try new food types, but also learn about culture and customs in a family home too.

Put simply, Amsterdam is about so much more than you might realise, and the only way to truly open your eyes to everything the city holds dear, is to see it and experience it with the expert help of a local guide at hand.

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