The 10 Best Halloween Costumes for 2015


Halloween time each year is fun and exciting. There are so many costumes that you see people walking around in and you may want to find one that is unique and that is special to you. If it is getting close to Halloween and you still don’t have a costume chosen yet, then don’t worry quite yet. Here today you will find out what the best Halloween Costumes for 2015 are. They might just surprise you because they are very individual and unique too. If you want the best costume choices out there, then here are the ones that you may want to try out this year.

Costume #1: Snow White

Snow White is a great Disney character who has been well-known forever. You don’t see too many of her running around, do you? Nope. Definitely not but you can be the first one people around you see here today.

Costume #2: Luke Skywalker and if You Are a Couple, Princess Leia Too

Luke Skywalker is a famous Star Wars character and Princess Leia is right beside him. This can be one of the best couple’s costumes that you can wear with someone out on Halloween night. This would look amazing too.

Costume #3: Shrek and Fiona

Shrek and Fiona are amazing. They are loved by almost everyone kids and adults too. Do you want to stand out among the crowd? If so, you may want to try this costume this year and see how it goes.

Costume #4: Scooby Doo

Who isn’t going to love seeing Scooby Doo roam the streets this year at Halloween? Exactly so dress on up as Scooby Doo and let your fun out on this exciting night.

Costume #5: Duck Dynasty

If you and your buddies are going out to trick or treat, then you can be the cast of Duck Dynasty. These four men are amazing and they are a hit in America. Do you want to be a hit on Halloween? If so, then do this get up with your friends.

Costume #6: Howie Mandel

It really doesn’t get any more unique than this. Howie Mandel, the man from Deal or No Deal has it all. Spruce your costume up and go with this costume. Get a briefcase with a sign on it that says Deal or No Deal, dress up and you are ready to go.

Costume #7:

Flo from Progressive commercials is known and seen by people all over almost every single day. This could be a very interesting and unique costume. You may just want to try doing this pizazz this year.

Costume #8: A Lobster

The lobster is a great choice for babies, toddlers and children too. This can be a cute choice especially for a first born child. This costume is very adorable and would be great for you.

Costume #9: A Mermaid

Mermaids are so cute and they can be made easily or you can buy one too. This would be a great costume for little girls or even teenage girls too.

Costume #10: Yoda

Yoda. Yes, Yoda. He is the most Epic choice that you can ever pick for your Halloween costume this year. It is popular but you may not see him around a lot. Bring out the style of Yoda this year.

These 10 costumes are some of the best Halloween costumes in 2015 this year. You can pick any one of them for you or your children. Which one do you like the best? They are all so great and it can be really difficult to choose.

Photo Credit: Yasmin

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