Living with Roommates… How to Make it Not Suck


There may be some times when you have to live with roommates. You might be heading off to college and you can’t afford a place on your own so you have to stay with roommates. You might be living in a larger home but you need some company and you live with roommates. Well, living with roommates as you know isn’t always as easy as it may seem However, there are some things that you can do to have a better life while having roommates.

Create Rules Right Away

When you have to live with roommates it is important that you create some rules right away. This way when rules are needed you already have them in place. These rules can allow you and your roommate to have agreements and have a good time together too. When you and your roommates move in you should make sure that you guys can make comfortable conversation.

Sample Rules to Set Up

While the rules that should be set up vary depending on who you are living with, there are some sample rules that you can use in your living arrangements. When should the rent money be put in? Who should do what chores? Is any smoking allowed? Is any drinking allowed? Who will pay what expenses? Who will get the groceries? Will there be shared groceries? Can each roommate bring guests or significant others over? Can each roommate have people spend the night? What about routine? How can common areas of the home be used? Can someone have pets?

Another thing to make sure that everyone in the home does is to go along with the Golden Rule. Each roommate should respect each other and show consideration to one another as well. If you don’t want your roommates to do something, then you should not do that either.

Personality to Share

How much should you and your roommates associate and connect with each other? Well, first of all you guys are going to be living with each other and you don’t want there to be a bunch of tension. It is important to share your personality with your roommates and have them share their personality with you as well. Being roommates is like being friends, especially if you are going to be with each other for a while. Now you may not always get along with your roommate but good news is that most family members don’t even get along with each other so there is still hope. You may want to have movie nights with each other, you may want to go out to eat or out to play bowling with each other too. Spending occasional time together can help you to improve the life that you have with your roommate.

Alright so having a roommate may suck from time to time. You might have had bad experiences with roommates in the past and now you are just trying to figure it all out. You can do that and you can make this roommate experience be one of the best. If you follow the tips that are brought up here today, then you may be able to actually create a great friendship with your roommates. Wouldn’t that be great? It sure would. Talk with your roommates and be casual with them. You never know the connections that you could make with your roommates. Be honest with each other and spend time together. A roommate doesn’t have to suck, you can change the mold and actually make having a roommate fun. Give these tips a try today!

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