How to Visit London With Ease & Style


London is one of those cities that must be done correctly in order to get the most out of it. There are many ways you can visit, and whilst they are all credible, there are a few which won’t allow you to see everything you want to see, and a few which will only manage to stress you out to the extreme. Put simply, London is a huge city, and a sprawling one at that, so in order to experience it to the max, you need to do a little careful thinking before you start.

The first thing you need to consider is where you are going to stay. Again, London is huge, and if you are planning on seeing the main attractions, you need to be as central as possible; the problem with this however is that the cost of accommodation in the very centre of London is always going to be higher. The best advice here is to shop around and find something near enough, and within your budget. Commuting in and out of the city isn’t that difficult, as we will discuss in a little more detail shortly, but it is time consuming at certain times of the day, and it is something you need to learn about before you go.

Once you have your accommodation organised, how are you going to get from the airport to your hotel? Make sure you plan this ahead of time, because a taxi from the airport into the airport could cost you a small fortune, depending on where you are staying, and the traffic on the day. A stylish way to travel from the airport to your hotel is to hire a limo. This might sound like a luxury, but come on, who doesn’t enjoy luxury from time to time? You can start your break in the best possible way, whilst also knowing that you are enjoying a flat rate charge, and you’re not chewing your nails worrying about the ticking cost of the taxi metre!

Getting around London, as we mentioned, isn’t difficult provided you know where you are going and how to do it. The London Underground, or Tube, is famous the world over, and it is a quick and easy way to get around, but it is also extremely busy too. You will need to buy a pre-paid Oyster Card to be able to access the Underground, and you simply top up your card as and when you need to, and scan it at the gates. This card is also ideal for buses, which are also another way to get around the city – obviously you are at the mercy of traffic if you choose the bus however. Finally, we have taxis, and whilst they are a good choice if you are sharing with someone else, or you are going a short distance, they should only be reserved for evenings or quick journeys, due to the cost.

London is packed with amazing sights to enjoy and experiences to be had, and it really is down to doing your research ahead of time, to ensure you pinpoint the ones which call out to you the most. Book large restaurants beforehand, to avoid disappointment, and the same can be said for theatre tickets and attractions, to avoid queues at the Box Office on the day.

Experience London and enjoy it!

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