How to Hack Your Sleep


Alright so you probably already know that you should get good sleep if you want to make the most of your day and your life too. The more consistent your sleeping schedule is, the better. If you are not sure how you can get the best sleep and you are having some issues doing so then you are going to love the tips that are brought up here today on how to hack your sleep. Get ready to get the best sleep of your life with these tips that are going to help you hack your sleep.

Tip #1: You should start by tracking the sleep patterns you have.

The first step that you will want to do is to track the sleep patterns that you have. There are different apps that you can find to do this and there are even watches that can help with this as well. By tracking your sleep, you can see what you do and don’t need to change.

Tip #2: Start keeping your room dark, no lights is highly recommended.

You should turn off anything that has any light at all including electronics or cover them up if they have to be plugged in. You can also hang a dark curtain on the windows. This will help you to get deeper sleep.

Tip #3: Make sure that you start creating a routine for bedtime.

Generally, a bedtime routine should begin approximately two hours before you are going to bed. You should not use electronics within these two hours and once you find a routine that works for you, stick with it.

Tip #4: Stop drinking any caffeinated beverages after 4 p.m.

If you want to be able to go to bed by the time you have scheduled for your bedtime then you are going to want to stop drinking all caffeinated beverages by 4 p.m. This can help your body and your mind to wind down before you need to go to sleep.

Tip #5: If you exercise, do it at least 3 hours before you head to bed.

Exercising has been shown to increase brain activity and get you motivated. This is not what you need right before you are trying to get to bed and go to sleep. Try to exercise in the morning or earlier in the afternoon.

Tip #6: Start taking certain supplements like Krill Oil, Collagen and Magnesium.

Did you know that Krill Oil, Collagen and Magnesium have been shown to improve your sleep in many great ways? Maybe you might want to add these to your bedtime routine.

Getting great sleep doesn’t come easily to everyone and when you aren’t getting great sleep you may be having increased stress and overwhelming sensations as well. The tips that are mentioned here today are some of the many that can help you to hack your sleep and get better sleep than you have been getting before. It is highly recommended that you get 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night if you want to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed. This should also be hours that are back to back, not broken up sleep if you can help it. The better quality of sleep that you can get, the better you will feel. Hacking your sleep is not impossible. In fact, when you use the tips that are mentioned above and you start to implement them into your life then you should be able to get great sleep almost every night. Start using these tips tonight and have patience because they may take a bit of time to work. When they do you will be much happier and much more rested too.

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