How to Get Freebies When You Travel!


Travelling can sometimes seem like it costs a fortune and it may take everything that you have even take a week of relaxation on a trip that isn’t even that far from your home. When you are going on a trip you have to get your bag checked, get snacks when you are flying and get into your room at the hotel too. All of these things cost money but did you know that there are ways that you can get freebies when you travel?

JetBlue is Awesome

Did you have to pay a carrier to get tv on your phone or tablet when you were flying? Well not you can the JetBlue which allows you to watch all of the greatest shows that you want when you are flying high. It doesn’t get much better than that?

Great Benefits of Flying to Japan

If you are flying to Japan, you are really in luck. They give every passenger comfortable slippers and if your feet aren’t doing well they will even give you massage sticks made from bamboo. You can even get free amenity kits and earplugs too.

Great Benefits of Flying to the Southwest

The majority of the time if you are flying anywhere then you have to pay if you are checking in more than one bag. However, if you are flying to the southwest then you can check in two bags without paying extra. They also allow you to read e-books on your flight and listen to a concert series as well.

Great Benefits of Using Porter Airlines

The Porter Airlines seem to be ahead of the game as well. They offer free beer, wine and even snacks too. This airline is a Canadian carrier. You can even get newspapers and refreshments for free before you get on your flight too.

Staying at Different Hotels

If you are travelling around you may want to look for Rosewood Hotels. They offer free sprays of colognes and perfumes at your request. You can also look for the Sheraton Hotels too. If you want to stay fit while on your trip they have a great free fitness center and they even lend you mats, resistance bands, foam rollers and massage sticks to your room if you want. The Marriott hotels really have you covered too. With them you can borrow an amazing GoPro which allows you to capture your precious trip moments and share with anyone you wish. Another great place for you to travel is the Kimpton. The majority of hotels that you stay at won’t let you just bring your pet; they make you pay for it. However, at the Kimpton at no extra fees. They even give you free food, beds for your pet, bowls and more if you want them.

There are so many great travel rewards that you can get. Freebies can be found just about anywhere. It is also important that you look around for hotels that have card reward programs. If you find a hotel that is found all over the place (in different states and maybe around the world) then they often allow you to earn free stays if you stay so many times. Some hotels even have buy so many nights get one free. There are numerous ways to save money on just about anything and this goes the same for your travels. When you are planning your trip look to the place where you are going and research if there are any freebies in the area. You just might be surprised on how much you will be able to save.

Photo Credit: Matt Hintsa

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