Health Effects of Global Warming


Global warming is among top challenges that human beings are fighting today. Due to changes in the weather pattern and the climate in general, different health issues have emerged, thereby threatening the lives of many people. There are known effects of global warming and experts have also suggested several ways in which we can live to avoid suffering the harmful effects of global warming.

Dengue fever

Dengue fever, which was initially considered a tropical disease, has become common in many parts of the world courtesy of global warming. Dengue is transmitted through some specific kinds of mosquitoes. The increase in heat, humidity and precipitation has led to the creation of a perfect breeding environment for mosquitoes.

There are different remedies that can be embraced, both at individual and governmental level. First, it is advisable to have a system that can easily detect dengue outbreaks, or one that is able to offer predictions about the same. Secondly, the public should be educated to know the times when dengue is likely to break out and the measures they can embrace to protect themselves. For instance, people should ensure their living environment is not suitable for the breeding of mosquitoes. Clear all nearby bushes and do not leave any stagnant water near the home.

Extreme heat

Heat waves have become common, leading to loss of lives in extreme cases. Heat strokes happen when high temperatures are combined with high relative humidity for several days. If temperatures are noted to remain high even at night, it is advisable to have cooling devices within to avoid suffering heat stroke. Also ensure to take sufficient amounts of water to prevent the effects of extreme dehydration during this period. If a person is experiencing extreme heat effects, cool showers are recommended and a damp sheet used to help them stay cool.

Allergens and other nuisances

Due to warmer temperatures and increased levels of carbon dioxide, plants are stimulated to grow at a faster rate, which leads to early maturity and the production of more potent allergens. This has brought about a marked increase allergy related diseases and their prevalence across large parts of the world.

To counter this effect, there is need for collective effort that will help to reduce effects of global warming. Governmental agencies together with individuals should be aware of plant varieties that are likely to release more allergens. Also check information about seasonal trees that produce allergens.

Food scarcity

In many parts of the world, especially African countries located in the Sahara regions, there have been droughts, leading to shortage of water and eventually lack of food. Drought is a major epidemic that can wipe out a large population and due to global warming, experts have come up with ideas that could help solve the problem.

Those living in regions likely to suffer due to extreme temperatures are advised to embrace water storage methods, so when the drought sets in they have sufficient supply of water for food production. Food security can also be achieved through water drilling and large scale farming.

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