Five Fun New Hobbies to Try this Summer


For many people, especially those still at college, you tend to have a lot of extra time in the summer. Travelling can be super expensive these days, but it does not mean that you have to sacrifice having fun! A good way to have fun and keep yourself busy is to try new things and maybe pick up a new hobby. Here are five suggestions for some cool and quirky new hobbies to have a bash at this summer.

Online games

When it is super hot outside, sometimes you want to have a fun activity to keep you busy indoors –where the AC is on! Something I have found pretty fun recently is having a go at various fun casino games that you can play online. With over 700 casino games at EuroPalace there really is such a variety that you may not know where to even begin! My advice is to try a couple of different games and see what you like most. And the best part is that you do not have to choose a favorite; with so many games on one platform it is so easy to switch between different types of games depending on what mood you are in.

Adult coloring books

This is another hobby that is great for those days when it is simply too hot to venture outdoors. However, if it’s nice and sunny and you want some Vitamin D, it’s also really fun to spread out a picnic blanket in your back yard and color away in the sun! Some people may think that coloring books are very childish, but they are super relaxing and a lot of fun too. You get some really cool adult coloring book too. Have a look here.


When it is so hot, there is nothing more refreshing that taking a tip in a pool, lake or the ocean –if you live nearby one. But swimming is not only just for cooling off; it is a really great full-body workout too. If you have knee or ankle problems, it is especially good for you as it is not weight bearing for those body parts. Swimming is essentially killing two birds with one stone; you get to keep cool and get your daily cardio in too!


Scrapbooking is such a fun thing to do, and it is definitely one of my new favorite hobbies. It is creative and crafty, so you get to express yourself. And it is also a really lovely way to preserve memories in a cute and aesthetically appealing way. Going shopping for scrapbooking supplies is part of the fun too. If you want to get an idea of what types of materials are available, have a look online.

Learn something new

Whether it is a new language, a new skill like computer coding, learning to sew, or play the guitar –challenge yourself to learn something new and fun this summer!

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