Can You Make Money on Youtube?


There are so many different ways that you can make money online and some of them you may not have even known about. Did you know that you can make money on YouTube? While this may not be one of the fastest ways for you to make money online it is still an opportunity for you to bring in extra cash especially if you are already making YouTube videos or if you are going to be doing so. The thing is that you will have to follow some steps to make sure you are getting everything ready correctly.

Step #1: Create Your channel on YouTube.

You will first need to create your channel on YouTube but before that you will create your YouTube account. You can always add more channels later but start with one. If you already have a YouTube channel, then just keep reading for more steps on how this can bring you money. This will be the way that you interact with your viewers

Step #2: Make Videos for Your YouTube Channel

The next step that you will do in order to make money on YouTube is to make videos on your channel. Try to make videos that people will be drawn into and that they will enjoy. It can also be helpful not to make them very long so that people aren’t getting bored or distracted by other things. The more you post, the better but make sure the information stays relevant to your channel.

Step #3: Bring in Your Audience

Before you create your videos you may want to think about who your target audience is. Once you know this then do your best to try to bring in an audience through your videos. The bigger audience you have the better chance you will have of increasing the amount of money that you can make. You will have ads on your page and people will need to see those in order for you to get money. You can even submit your YouTube videos on Facebook and other social media sites too and ask others to share it to. You never know how many people it could reach. Also make sure that if someone comments on your videos you respond in a positive and quick manner.

Step #4: Set Up Monetization for the Videos on Your Channel

The next step that you will take is to enable monetization for your videos. Monetization means that you are letting YouTube put ads inside of your video. You are also admitting that you have no copyrighted information in the video you are showing. To elect for monetization, you just select the tab for monetization and select the box that says Monetize with Ads. If you have already put a video on your channel then just open up the manager page for your videos and select the $ choice by your video to add monetization to it and check the box that says Monetize with Ads too.

Step #5: Sign Up for Google Adsense

Google Adsense is free and you can create an account if you are 18 and up. You will get money if an ad has been clicked and a little money if the views add up.

You can make money on YouTube. These are the steps that are going to help you get there. You can print these steps off, save them or just remember them. Create your YouTube account, create YouTube channels (starting with just one) and start making the best videos that you can on a regular basis today.

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