8 Cute Hair Styles for Summer

Summer is the best time of the year with beach days, night swims, drinks on the boat and the list goes on! The only bad part is the weather can make it hard to style your hair. This summer there are tons of cute looks that you can try out that are quick and easy so that the last thing you’re worrying about this summer is your hair!

8 Cute Hair Styles To Try This Summer

Fishtail Braid – This style is great because it specifically works best on hair that isn’t clean because it isn’t as slippery. Style your hair like this after the beach and texturizing spray won’t even be needed! You can even use a flat iron to straighten the pieces that fall out fo the braid for a different look.

Falling Down Updo – This one is so simple. All you need to do is curl a few pieces of hair that are around your face and loosely pin the rest up using bobby pins. Perfect for a night out.

Stylish Pony – Pony tails are one of the easiest styles especially in the summer. To make it look a bit more chic you can take a small strand of your hair and wrap it around the rubber band to hide it.

Beach Waves – These are the best because with the summer air you’re probably already off to a head start on these. A bit of texturizing spray plus a curling iron or flat iron used in the right way will add to the waves you’ve already got going. A big plus is you don’t have to worry about the humidity making your hair more curly, that will only add to it.

Tiny Braids – A cute style to try out is putting tiny braids in your hair and then securing them back away from your face or letting them hang in different parts of your hair. It looks effortless and makes your hair style a bit more interesting by adding to your already natural waves. Or, if you have straight hair you can use a flat iron to make it even straighter meaning the braids will stand out even more!

Wavy Side Pony – Pulling your hair out of your face is a must in hot weather. You’re probably sweating more than normal and don’t need your hair making it worse. A side pony looks beautiful and feminine while keeping it out of your way.

Headband Braid – This is one you’ll definitely want a step by step guide for just to see how it’s done but it’s easier than it seems! Creating a braid in your hair looks so cute for the summer and also helps with keeping your hair under control if it tends to get a little crazy.

Double French Braids – This may be one of the hottest looks right now. French braiding your hair back in two braids paired with some styling products assures that you won’t have any stray hairs. This is great for either doing water sports or any sort of activities out in the sun. The best part is once you take your hair out, you will have some awesome curls going on.


The video below also has some great ideas for cute summer hair styles with some great demonstrations so you can see exactly how to achieve the look!


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