5 Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Crafty Cats


Are you a cat who loves to craft? Assuming so or you probably wouldn’t be here. Well, let’s start off by saying that looking for new and unique crafting options is time consuming for the most part. There are so many different craft books that you can read from the library and craft e-books that you can read as well. There are also so many great sites where you can find amazing and cool craft ideas for you, your family and your students too. However, there is only place that has the most unique and the most creative craft ideas that you are ever going to find. Where is that you ask? Well, Pinterest. That is where all of the best craft ideas are for you cats. There are actually 5 of the best Pinterest accounts out there for any crafty cat who is interested. Those 5 Pinterest accounts are Elizabeth Manna, Lydia Fiedler, Danielle Thompson, Cinnamon Cooper and Alexa Westerfield. Every single one of these ladies knows their stuff when it comes to crafting and the coolest projects. Get to know them by visiting their Pinterest accounts today.

Elizabeth Mannais one of the best crafty cats for scrapbooking, creating craft pieces, making candle crafts, creating kid crafts and much more. When you head on over to hear Pinterest account you will find loads of cool crafts that you just aren’t going to be able to get enough. If you want interesting, then she is the one for you.

Lydia Fiedler is the best paper artist there is online and she is also the community manager for www.splitcoaststampers.com. With any free time that Lydia has she writes, stamps and she also teaches how to use social media too. The crafts that she makes really causes you to double think what paper is really for. Give her this crafty cat a chance today at her Pinterest account.

Danielle Thompson is one of the best that you will find on Pinterest or anywhere for that matter who does the best organization crafts, craft mobiles, kid crafts, illustration crafts, crochet crafts and more. Her crafting techniques are so versatile and they are easy to learn too.

Cinnamon Cooper truly is one of a kind. She is a crafty cat who loves to make craft bags, do things for craft shows, make cooking crafts, DIY crafts and many other craft projects as well. Cinnamon Cooper is a unique crafter who really brings out the meaning of making crafts that nobody would expect.

Alexa Westerfieldis one of the best Pinterest accounts that no crafty cat is going to want to miss. She makes all sorts of crafts that you would be surprised by. Some of the types of crafts that she makes include DIY crafts, home décor crafts, photography crafts, art crafts and many other beautiful crafts too. When it comes to visiting Alexa’s Pinterest account you will never have a short supply of crafting projects.

Pinterest is a site that almost everyone loves. There are so many people on there who do their own thing and if you are a crafty cat then you are going to love Elizabeth Manna, Lydia Fiedler, Danielle Thompson, Cinnamon Cooper and Alex Westerfield. Each of these lovely and crafty women are the leaders in the field of top crafting artists. Between each of these Pinterest accounts together you will find that there are so many craft projects for you to choose from and they are easy for you to learn as well. Don’t let your crafty cat unique style slide.

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

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