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Three Inventive Apps for Crafters

Traditional crafters may often take technology with a pinch of salt but just because you’re regularly working with fabric doesn’t mean that technology, particularly mobile apps, are irrelevant to your hobby. In fact, these apps can be of great help especially to those who are just starting out with their choice of DIY arts and crafts. There’s just about an ...

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What Happens to Your Facebook When You Die?


Almost everyone has Facebook these days and many people are on Facebook almost every day too. They store their pictures and life status updates on Facebook so they don’t get lost. If you have a Facebook account, have you even wondered what happens to your Facebook when you die? Well, there is actually a fairly new policy that Facebook has ...

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8 Fairytale Destinations You Can Visit in Real Life


There are so many places around the world where you can go to visit and that you can vacation at. However, why would you just want to go somewhere that is ordinary when there are 8 amazing fairytale destinations you can visit in real life. These destinations look like they come straight out of a fairytale book and they are ...

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What are the Best Credit Cards for Earning Air Miles?


If you are looking for air miles, then you will find that there are many great credits for earning these benefits. The majority of the credit cards that will be brought up here also offer you many other amazing benefits as well. With so many credit cards out there it can be hard to find the one that is right ...

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5 Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Crafty Cats


Are you a cat who loves to craft? Assuming so or you probably wouldn’t be here. Well, let’s start off by saying that looking for new and unique crafting options is time consuming for the most part. There are so many different craft books that you can read from the library and craft e-books that you can read as well. ...

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How to Get Cast on a Reality TV Show!


Reality TV shows are all of the buzz these days and you can get cast on a reality TV show with some tips and effort too. You can find out here some of the best advice for getting a spot on these shows and there are many places online that you can find that will show you opportunities that are ...

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The 10 Best Halloween Costumes for 2015


Halloween time each year is fun and exciting. There are so many costumes that you see people walking around in and you may want to find one that is unique and that is special to you. If it is getting close to Halloween and you still don’t have a costume chosen yet, then don’t worry quite yet. Here today you ...

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How to Hack Your Sleep


Alright so you probably already know that you should get good sleep if you want to make the most of your day and your life too. The more consistent your sleeping schedule is, the better. If you are not sure how you can get the best sleep and you are having some issues doing so then you are going to ...

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How to Get Freebies When You Travel!


Travelling can sometimes seem like it costs a fortune and it may take everything that you have even take a week of relaxation on a trip that isn’t even that far from your home. When you are going on a trip you have to get your bag checked, get snacks when you are flying and get into your room at ...

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