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The Most Fun You Can Have While Losing Weight


Losing weight can be more fun than you think. You don’t have to follow boring old, repetitive exercise routines. You don’t have to keep doing the same exact exercises day in and day out. Working out means that you are committing to something and you are putting forth the effort that you need to so you can live healthier and ...

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8 Cute Hair Styles for Summer

Blond Fashion Girl. Blonde Hair. Golden background

Summer is the best time of the year with beach days, night swims, drinks on the boat and the list goes on! The only bad part is the weather can make it hard to style your hair. This summer there are tons of cute looks that you can try out that are quick and easy so that the last thing ...

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Five Fun New Hobbies to Try this Summer


For many people, especially those still at college, you tend to have a lot of extra time in the summer. Travelling can be super expensive these days, but it does not mean that you have to sacrifice having fun! A good way to have fun and keep yourself busy is to try new things and maybe pick up a new ...

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One of Indonesia’s Hidden Gems


Indonesia is huge, and because of that there are countless destinations to choose from. The most iconic are certainly the ones which spring to mind first, such as Jakarta, the huge and bustling capital, or the idyllic, laid-back vibe of beautiful Bali, but there are many other destinations within this massive country, which are under the radar. You might have ...

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EHIC News Article – Brexit 


The United Kingdom’s referendum result on June 23rd 2016 saw fifty-two percent of participants vote to leave the European Union. A breakdown of the figures shows that the turnout for the referendum across the United Kingdom was 71.8% with over thirty million people casting their votes. England voted strongly in favour of leaving the European Union with 53.4% voting for ...

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Tips for the perfect bingo night!


Like many people, I’ve something of a newcomer when it comes to the delights of bingo. For a long time I’ve always associated it with granny perms and creepy old guys shouting out weird combinations of numbers! But it seems that the classic casino game of bingo is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment, and many of my ...

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Health Effects of Global Warming


Global warming is among top challenges that human beings are fighting today. Due to changes in the weather pattern and the climate in general, different health issues have emerged, thereby threatening the lives of many people. There are known effects of global warming and experts have also suggested several ways in which we can live to avoid suffering the harmful ...

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Fancy Trying Sports Betting?


In terms of making a little extra cash, there are many roads to go down, but if you can combine the fact that you enjoy something with making money, you’re onto something! If you enjoy sports then you can easily look at making a little extra cash from sports betting, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to ...

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The ‘Other’ Side of Amsterdam


When you first hit Google and search for the best things to see in a city or destination you’re heading to on your next travel adventure, you will no doubt see the mainstream sights pop up first. Now, you should certainly head to these, because they’re famous and first on that list for a reason, however every destination has its ...

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The Best of Both Worlds – Gaming on Android and the iPhone


As technology evolves, the opportunity to access the latest online games increases. Here we look at the two main competitors in mobile gaming technology and suggest which games and online slots are best suited to the models. The Acer Predator 6 This really is a special piece of equipment and as a mobile specifically built for gamers, you will be ...

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